A wedding is a grand event for couples. It is when two are forever entwined and committed to each other. This event though in order to make it happen and become a memorable one, you will definitely need to draft a plan for it. In fact most big events need to be planned out first. Before announcing the date of your wedding to anybody, you first have to set everything completely.

You need to figure out the budget that you will need, about the lunch for you and the bridal party as you prepare yourselves for the grand event, the location of wedding itself, the number of guests that will be inviting, transportation for your guests, the wedding day photographers Singapore, the staff and crew that will be there to help make the event happen and among other things to consider. These are just a few of the things that needs to think about and for this, you will definitely need a plan or much better a wedding planner.


A lot of brides all have their thoughts on the budget needed wrote down in their heads but they sometimes fail to notice the other minor costs such as feeding the staff or crew. Yes, you need to take note of such minor details because its part of the whole event. Also unless you have totally locked everything down, it’s still too early to announce the date of your wedding to everyone.

Another thing to take note of is to note take it farther down the road unless you are getting married in a home church or your local country club or have helped in a wedding before. To help you in your planning, take these three steps as your basis.


The location or destination of your wedding – well this is indeed a must of course. If you have figured out the location of your wedding then that’s fine but you might want to consider some other things like for example, the location you chose seems to be far or not easily accessible because of some concerns like some members of your family might not be able to come due to health issues and stuff or your parents want it to be in a family church because its important to them.

If there are such issues, then that doesn’t mean that you should cancel the destination rather take into account the people who will be in your guests list. There are a lot of ways to compensate this so don’t be pessimistic about it. Beach wedding or not, you may want to place your guests interests first!

The budge itself – probably the biggest concern of all and this will need to be thought more thoroughly. Don’t try to estimate too much in your budget because once you signed contracts committing yourself to spend the money and yet unable to actually get the thing you should be getting then its all just wasted money. If you have an estimated budget, try to cut it in half or so.

This is so that you can use the rest to either spend the honeymoon, get a house or saving it for a rainy day.

Hiring professional help – this might be your last resort and probably the best thing to get.

This could actually solve your problems in terms of budgeting and preparation.

Getting an experienced and reputable wedding planner is great since they don’t lie to you. They do this thing almost every weekend and definitely have a general idea of how much it costs.

Their goal is to make you happy and making sure you get the best of your wedding day and this way you will refer them to your friends which is great for them. To help you even further, you can watch the video below for additional tips.

We hope you enjoy the wedding tips we share with you!

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"The most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched; they must be felt with the heart." ~ Helen Keller.

Wedding is the most important day of two people’s life, the bride and groom. It must be unique, custom, personalized and memorable.

Everything needs to be perfect for the wedding, be it the dress, cake, decoration or the location. And what could be more beautiful than having an open air ceremony.

Enjoy this video to see how beautiful a beach wedding under an open sky can be:

There is no open air location more romantic than a beautiful sandy beach. It gives you a magical feeling being surrounded by almost everyone whom you love.

The love and wishes of your near and dear ones is increased manifold when it is experienced on a stunning beach with endless expanse of white sands and the unadulterated music of waves hitting the shores.

Cool breeze, fantastic view and an amazing sunset in the distance; they all work in tandem to make a wedding even more memorable.

A beautiful private beach with spectacular colorful garden epitomizes the paradise. There is no comparison of natural beauty.

Decorated with sea glass, natural burlap, sea stones, shells, tropical plants and flowers is so soothing to the eyes. When the bride’s wedding gown in a lightweight fabric flows with the breeze when she takes a step, it is simply mesmerizing for everyone around, not to forget the groom.

A beach wedding is all about the delicate music, heavenly scent in the air, sound of laughter and joy, a breath of fresh air. It’s an unforgettable affair for everyone.

When it’s a beach wedding, there is a huge opportunity to experiment with everything, be it cake, dress or even the bouquet. The regular flower bouquet can be replaced with a special bouquet made of sea shells, sea stones and decorated with a pretty starfish.

A canopy with contrasting vibrant colours likes corals and greens make the ambiance delightful and also give the guests some shade to relax. No wedding is complete without food and beverages.

Having a delightful refreshments section filled with lemonade, fresh fruit juices like mango, pineapple and tropical punch along with a variety of cocktails like margarita and pina-colada is a must.

An assortment of carved fruits with miniature version of sea food like mini crab cakes makes the whole setting simply perfect.

A tropical flavored cake embellished with motifs of starfish and decorated with fresh flowers and topped with a real large sea shell will make every head turn around for a second look.

There cannot be a more complete and heavenly experience than a beach wedding.

If you are keen to have your wedding by the beach, check out a whole list of beaches around the world. Let your imagination run wild and have a wedding like no other.